Asset 2


We’ll gladly give you $500 to host an event if you, as a host, need to cover fees for an event that simply must happen to cultivate meaningful connection within a community. Answer the following questions to give us an idea of your event and why it is scholarship worthy.

  1. Give us a brief description of the event in 5-6 sentences. What is it? Will you have any special guests? Where will it be held? Etc.
  2. Why is your event meaningful to your community? How will it impact attendees?
  3. Has there ever been an event like this in your community?
  4. Who do you want to come to your event and why?
  5. What’s the vision? How do you see the event going?
  6. Do you have plans to give attendees tools to continue what they learned/experienced in their daily lives?
  7. How will you use your scholarship money?